Adam Smith introduces his mother to the audience

Mrs Margaret Smith, Adam Smith’s mother

Janet Douglas, niece of Margaret Smith

David Douglas

David Hume

Robert Adam

Major John Pitcairn

Reverend Shirra

Robert Burns



We were fortunate to have good weather and the strawberry stall was busy all afternoon serving bowls of strawberries and ice cream with soft drinks.

The audience were entertained by ‘Adam Smith’ who introduced members of his family, his friends and other people from the 18th Century who he might have known or have heard of.

Each character spoke about themselves, events that happened in their lifetime and their connection with Adam Smith.

The 30 minute performance was held twice during the afternoon.

The characters who provided the entertainment

Strawberry stall

Book stall and display

Our main aim in holding the event was to generate more interest in Kirkcaldy’s famous son Adam Smith by bringing the character to life and by using surroundings that Adam himself would have used in his lifetime.

KCS would like to thank Celebrating Fife who helped fund the event as part of the Celebrating Fife 2010 Year of Culture celebrations.

Nicholas Phillipson with the characters

Adam Smith An Enlightened Life - Buy from

A new book entitled Adam Smith, An Enlightened Life has been recently published and the author Nicholas Phillipson attended the Strawberry Fayre at the invitation of Kirkcaldy Civic Society.

KCS have published books themselves about Adam Smith.

Our Strawberry Fayre event has taken place every year since 2010.

On Sunday 25th July 2010 between 2.00pm and 4.00pm Kirkcaldy Civic Society held a new event, the Strawberry Fayre afternoon.

Tickets had sold well and we were delighted to see 150 people attend the event which was held in a walled garden at 220 High Street.

The world famous economist Adam Smith wrote his book the ‘Wealth of Nations’ whilst staying at 220, his mother’s house, and may well have used the garden.

KCS thanked the owner of the garden for the use of it and also members of The Auld Kirk Players, Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society and other people who helped make the afternoon a success.

Photos by George and Betty McIntyre

Celebrating Fife 2010