"Vigilando Munio" - "I Guard By Watching"

Kirkcaldy was owned by the Crown until 1075 when it was given to the Church and became a Burgh under the Abbot of Dunfermline.

The year 1451 saw the Burgh handed over to Kirkcaldy merchants and tradesmen along with all the trading rights.

King Charles I created the town a Royal Burgh in 1644.

The Coat of Arms shows an Abbey (likely to be Dunfermline) with the motto "Vigilando Munio".

St. Bryce (or St. Brisse) the Patron Saint of Kirkcaldy is occasionally shown at the door of the Abbey.

St. Bryce came from Tours in France. A fleur-de-lys is depicted, held in the right hand. A crescent moon and star is sometimes in the design. These are said to have come from a much earlier Coat of Arms.

The motto has been depicted in many ways and we are always on the lookout for new renditions.

On the new Welcome to Kirkcaldy signs Embroidery in the Town House Pin badge On a plaque in St Bryce Kirk On a chair in the Town House On Kirkcaldy Fire Station Black and white Old flower display (from an old postcard) On the Town House On the sea wall plaque On the old Welcome to Kirkcaldy signs On shop door (Chamber of Commerce sign) On a clay pipe Printed in a book Embroidery Above the door of town museum Kirkcaldy High School badge From a postcard On the mural in the Town House On the Kirkcaldy Penny On the Town Police Station gates On the Police Station From an old postcard In the Town House On the Sinclairtown Library building On the Town House On Victoria House (Betty Nichols public house) At entrance to Town House Carved on a chair in the Town House On an old lamp Dunnikier Golf Club 2008 floral motto Rotary Club logo On an old ginger beer bottle On cover of book Floor plaque in the Kingdom Centre, Glenrothes From a Burgess roll document Old Motto showing the crescent and star Present day motto Plaque in Capshard Primary School Beggars badge On the top of the Kirkcaldy Provosts lamp at the Town House 1770 coin or token On decorative plate of Kirkcaldy burghs On a Cartes de Visite, T R Rodger photographer, Townsend Place, Kirkcaldy On the Partick Don Swan Grave in the Old Kirk Graveyard At the town Swimming Pool