Nether Street Bench 2000



Fraser's Green Bench, Nicol Street 2005

The society has gifted two benches to Kirkcaldy...

Beveridge Park Tree 1992

Old Beveridge Park Centenary sign

At 2pm on the 24th June 2000 a group gathered at the car park overlooking Pathhead Sands. Mrs. Watters gave a speech and then asked Mr. Lauchlan to unveil the bench plaque. Mr. Somerville gave the vote of thanks and the group headed off to East Wemyss to view the unveiling of another bench, gifted to the village by the Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.

Mr. Patrick Lauchlan unveils

the plaque on the new bench.

This bench, in the Nether Street car park, Pathhead, was gifted to the town in the year 2000.  

Gifting a bench to the town was one of the ways in which KCS marked the Millennium.

Close to the bench is a KCS plaque (erected 1985) marking the area where Michael Nairn's floorcloth factory once stood. The factory was called "Nairn's Folly" by locals as they thought the venture would fail.

Nairn floor cloth factory plaque, Nether Street, Pathhead Patrick Lauchlan unveils the new bench Bench at Fraser's Green. Photo by Don Swanson.

The second bench was gifted to the town by KCS on Saturday 9th April 2005.


It had been noticed that there was no seating on Fraser's Green at the bottom of Nicol Street, opposite Linktown Church. At a committee meeting one of our members suggested that KCS should place a bench on the green for the benefit of the public.

KCS asked Mr David Halley to unveil the bench plaque. The Halley family once owned a well known dyeworks in the area.

A copper beech tree was planted near the Raith Gates entrance of the Beveridge Park to mark the parks centenary.

The society also produced a calendar with historical photographs and notes.

Copper beech tree. Photo by David McIntyre.