A cat, zombie & pirate with a frightening skeleton ! Really fantastic, scary costumes here !! Cats were a popular theme for 2011 and here's a student from Hogwarts !! A wonderful outfit with black flowers and a skull with glowing eyes !

The 2017 Ghost Walk was held on Tuesday 31st October.

Boo! Scary ! Scream !

Past Ghost Walk photographs.......

Our groups strolled around the eerie Old Kirk Graveyard that was lit up with glowing, scary pumpkins ! and met several ghosts !
They then walked around the High Street area meeting more spooks on the way who told their stories.

Thomas Carlyle's ghost Adam Smith's ghost 2015 Kirkcaldy Civic Society Ghost Walk

Thanks to everyone who helped us this year !

It would be impossible for Kirkcaldy Civic Society to hold the Ghost Walk without voluntary help from individuals and other groups such as The Auld Kirk Players who always support us in this venture by providing ‘ghostly characters’. Perhaps you might help us next year ? It’s great fun !

Scary make-up Ready to go on the ghost walk Some 2016 ghost walkers

Photos by Janice Silver

Ghost among the gravestones Ghost of a soldier

Gathering together in the Hunter Hall for the walk. Thanks to all those who dressed up !

We were helped this year by Peachy Keen who provided us with fantastic special effects for our walk. Together we are planning more exciting effects for next years walk !